Immigration Edition.

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Immigration Edition.

As wildfires rage across Northern California, undocumented workers from evacuated areas stay away from emergency shelters for fear of ICE and set up improvised camps, where they are at high risk of coronavirus infection and disease. On other news, the spouse of an immigrant detainee in Louisiana says people detained in Lasalle ICE Processing Center are in hunger strike protesting the hazardous conditions in the prison dorms after the flooodings of Hurricane Laura. In California’s Central Valley, a federal judge reprimanded ICE and ordered the agency to take immediate action to stop a spiraling Covid outbreak in an immigrant detention center. A reporter tells the story of the slow steps ICE is taking to come up with a plan to manage the crisis and protect the detainees. Finally, immigrant youth filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s latest attempt to end DACA and an advocate advises listeners to take advantage of a website where a wide array of resources are provided for undocumentd immigrants in critical need of Covid emergency assistance.

Guests: Maria Esquinca, Reporter, Fresno, CA; Renee Saucedo, Leading Organizer, Centro Laboral de Grayton, Sonoma, CA; Daylin Borrell, Spouse of Cuban Immigrant Detainee at Lasalle ICE Processing Center, Louisville, KY; Ivette Morataya, Informed Immigrant Outreach Director, Chicago, IL.


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