Extra Edition: Proposition 22.

Thursday_673x324 11THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15
PROGRAM #9043 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Proposition 22.

Gig companies are fighting back against a law in California that classifies drivers for app-based transportation and delivery companies as employees who are entitled to minimum wage, overtime pay, and other worker benefits. If Proposition 22 passes, ride-hail and delivery drivers would continue to be treated as independent contractors, paid on a gig-by-gig basis. Proponents say it is about saving the drivers’ jobs and their independence to choose when to work, while opponents respond giant and wealthy companies are seeking to maximize profits by denying their drivers their rights as workers, such asn workers compensation and unemployment benefits.

Guests: David Cruz, President, League of United Latin American Council #3288, Los Angeles, CA; Dolores Huerta, President, Dolores Huerta Foundation, Co-Founder, The United Farm Workers, Bakersfield, CA

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