Climate Crisis, Infrastructure Bill: Too Expensive? Also, Oil Spill, Oil Drilling and Asthma.

Wednesday_673X324WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13
PROGRAM # 9409 12:00 PM PDT

Climate Crisis, Infrastructure Bill: Too Expensive?
Congress continues to negotiate the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, a plan dismissed by some as an expensive “social spending” bill and lauded by many as a transformational investment in the nation’s families, education, and response to the disasters of the climate crisis. An environmental justice advocate examines the programs in this bill that may impact the climate crisis and the potential impact of these programs on Latino families. This program includes a news report on the eleventh-hour efforts to reach agreement among Democrats on the size of the Build Back Better bill and the prospective scenarios for a deal, including reducing the time frame and focusing on children and climate change.

Guests: Jose Lopez Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC; Javier Sierra, Associate Director of Communications for Latino Media, The Sierra Club, Washington, DC

Oil Spill, Oil Drilling and Asthma. Following a massive oil spill, one of the largest in Southern California, Gov. Newsom declared the area in state of emergency and civil groups called for accountability from the oil companies. A scientist talks about his findings, revealing that oil wells and oil drilling cause pollution in a radius of 2.5 miles and the communities most at risk of asthma, heart disease and other health consequences are Latinos and Blacks. On other story, after a favorable court decision, a community advocate calls on officials from Kern County to stop drilling thousands more wells and called on the oil industry to move away from oil and into renewable energy.

Guests: Juan Flores, Community Organizer, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment, Delano, CA; Dr. David Gonzalez, Researcher, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley, Oakland, CA.


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