Covid: New Variants, Antibody Treatment. California School Reopening. Farm Workers Pay and Safety.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, MARCH 8
PROGRAM # 9188 12:00 PM PST

Covid: New Variants, Antibody Treatment.

While on the Covid front there are less cases, less deaths and more vaccines, a medical expert warns on the serious threats of the new coronavirus variants, what they mean for the virus testing, the new protective measures to follow and the impact on states that are easing restrictions. He also comments on the new antibodies treatment to prevent a severe case of the disease. Finally, he reacts to the new CDC guidelines, released today, that allow certain gatherings for fully-vaccinated people.

Guest: Dr. José Torradas, National Spokesperson, American College of Emergency Physicians, Philadelphia, PA.

California School Reopening. California’s public schools may return to in-person instruction by the end of March, according to a new agreement between Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state’s legislature. The agreement sets aside $6.6 billion for schools that return to optional in-person instruction by March 31. Most public school classes have not been held in-person since March of last year because of the coronavirus. The debate on the best way to return students and staff to the classroom continues. A state legislator comments on this debate and the formula to provide funding incentives.

Guest: California State Assemblyman Eduardo García, D-Coachella, Sacramento, CA.

Farm Workers Pay and Safety. In Washington’s Yakima Valley, crowded fruit-packing houses were hit with a wave of Covid infection last summer, becoming a hotspot with the highest case numbers in the state. Workers at several plants went on strike demanding safety measures and hazard pay. A fellow correspondent reports on the ongoing packing house worker efforts to get unionized and on the headwinds faced in Washington State’s legislature by a bill to extend overtime pay rights to all farm workers.

Guest: Francisco Ríos, News Director, KDNA, Granger, WA.


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