Financial Tips for Struggling Working Women.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, MAY 10
PROGRAM # 9251 12:00 PM PDT

Financial Tips for Struggling Working Women.

Women have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. The economic downturn has been particularly devastating for Latinas, who have lost jobs in record numbers, have lost more income and food security, and struggle more to pay their bills than non-Latina white women. A media empowerment advocate provides advice to Latinas on how to get emergency and recovery help. She urges women to apply for and get the money they deserve for their business. She also gives advice to women involved in restaurants and other food business on how to obtain relief money provided by the Restaurant Revitalization Fund that prioritizes women applicants for the first 21 days. Also, an advocate for small business warns about application deadline for the Paycheck Protection Program, which expires at the end of this month, and how struggling small business owners can benefit from it. This edition is to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Guest: Nely Galán, Best-Selling Author of the Book “Self Made,” Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Los Angeles, CA; Xiomara Peña, Vice President, Engagement, Small Business Majority, Los Ángeles, CA.


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