Free School Meals in Every State? Also, Semiconductors Boost: What’s in it for Latinos?

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18
PROGRAM # 10162 12:00 PM PT

Free School Meals in Every State?

New Mexico, Colorado and four other states are joining California and Maine in offering school breakfasts and lunches for free for all students this school year. Other states are considering similar initiatives and federal lawmakers reintroduced a bill to extend universal free meals to every state.

Guest: Luis Guardia, President, Food Research and Action Center-FRAC, Washington, DC.

Semiconductors Boost: What’s in it for Latinos? Semiconductor manufacturing companies in the US are based mostly in areas with higher proportions of Latino populations. Are Latinos reaping the rewards? Are federal investments in semiconductors and electronics boosting the economy of Latino communities? A political analyst comments about a recent study on the topic.

Guest: Rafael Medina, Director of Media Relations, The Center for American Progress Action Fund, Washington, DC.

Photo: CDC via Unsplash

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