Celebrating Essential Workers.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, MAY 3
PROGRAM # 9244 12:00 PM PDT

Celebrating Essential Workers.

On the heels of International Workers’ Day, California’s Labor Commissioner joins this edition to explain the State Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Act of 2021, a new and temporary law that just took effect granting workers up to 80 paid sick hours if they or a family member cannot work or telecommute due to COVID-19. The state commissioner urges workers, regardless of their immigration status and as long as they work in companies with more than 25 employees, to exercise their new right. On other news, the US Supreme Court is considering a California regulation that allows union organizers to meet with farmworkers at their workplaces; two major grape and strawberry growers are suing to end that right in the state. A UFW leader says he doesn’t expect a favorable vedict from this conservative court. On another topic, the Caravan for the Children campaign, which calls for the release, reunification and healing of children in detention centers in Biden’s first one hundred days, culminated for now its mission in Washington DC, on May 1. The campaign’s co-chair talks about what has been achieved.

Guests: Armando Elenes, Secretary Treasurer, United Farm Workers of America-UFW, Bakersfield, CA; Lilia García-Bower, California Labor Commissioner, Sacramento, CA; Olga Talamante, Former Director, Chicana Latina Foundation, San Francisco, CA.

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