Disaster Relief for Small Businesses and Homeowners. Also, Biden’s Climate Record After One Year in Office.

Thursday_673x324 12pmTHURSDAY, JANUARY 27
PROGRAM # 9516 12:00 PM PT

Disaster Relief for Small Businesses and Homeowners.

Federal authorities are providing disaster assistance loans to small business owners, farmers and homeowners and renters affected by the wildfires in the West. Many people who suffered losses were not able to get FEMA aid. Other federal agencies are stepping in. Are Latinos seeking relief and rebuilding their small businesses in hard-hit areas such as California’s Central Valley? A SBA official gives a report and shares information for disaster survivors on how to apply for loans and get assistance. Also, a community volunteer who helped victims of a recent wildfire in Tulare shares the story about the way she helped and the lessons she learned.

Guests: Luis Santos-Serrano, Public Information Officer, Office of Disaster Assistance, Field Operations Center – West, U.S. Small Business Administration, Citrus Heights, CA; Divina Lopez, Health Care Worker and Community Volunteer, Farmersville, CA.

Biden’s Climate Record After One Year in Office. Soon after President Biden took office, he issued several executive orders to address the climate crisis, rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, and actions against pollution and environmental injustice. After Biden’s first year in office, a top national environmental leader evaluates the outcomes, applauding the new team, the new budget priorities, and the investments in Latino communities brought by the Infrastructure Plan, and deploring the obstruction to the Build Back Better package.

Guest: Ramon Cruz, National President, Board of Directors, The Sierra Club, Brooklyn, NY.

Photo: covid19.lacounty.gov

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