Emergency Aid and Front-Line Coronavirus Workers.

Monday_673x324(1)MONDAY, MARCH 30
PROGRAM # 8842 11:00 PM PT

Emergency Aid and Front-Line Coronavirus Workers.

Emergency Aid and Front-Line Coronavirus Workers. Working families and businesses around the country will benefit from the emergency relief under the massive stimulus bill approved in Washington. Still, millions of “essential workers” who toil in the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic will be left out of the most basic protections like a recovery check, unemployment compensation and health care. Grocery store workers and janitors who clean hospitals interact with hundreds of people every day and many lack health benefits or protective gear; farmworkers provide food for a nation in crisis and yet many are unable to access expanded unemployment insurance, paid sick leave or free COVID-19 testing and treatment. In Arkansas and other states, governments are reported to be reluctant to offer information in Spanish for migrants. To mitigate this crisis in millions of families, some are urging for a fourth relief package, which is expected in upcoming weeks.

Guests: Bertha Fernández, Union Organizer, UFCW 770, Los Angeles, CA; Delia Montiel, Cajera, Food4Less, Los Angeles, CA; Darcy Galleo, Legislative Advocate, Immigration Hub, Washington, DC; Mireya Reith, Founding Executive Director, Arkansas United, Fayetteville, AR.

Photo: thecounter.org/nelp.org/kunr.org

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