28th Anniversary of Línea Abierta.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27
PROGRAM # 9928 12:00 PM PT

28th Anniversary of Línea Abierta.

Línea Abierta is the first and only national, live, Spanish-language call-in show in U.S. public broadcasting, and on February 25, it completed its 28th year. Radio Bilingüe launched Línea Abierta in 1995 to fill the void in public and commercial media of smart, thoughtful, Latino-oriented public affairs programming in Spanish. In this 28th Anniversary program, you will hear the prominent voices of experts who have lent their voices to our airwaves, but also, we will ask, “has a Línea Abierta topic or guest been impactful or relevant in your life?” As we leave the pandemic, what topics still keep you up at night, and what would you like us to chat about in future programs? Call us at 1-800 385-8632.

Photo: Radio Bilingüe via Facebook

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To visit Linea Abierta audio archives go to archivosderb.org

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