Laura Gómez stellar social media career includes important posts in some of the most cutting-edge technology companies of our time, including YouTube (Google) and Twitter. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, Laura crossed the border at age 10 while hiding in the compartment of a van. After joining her family in Redwood City, California, she excelled in school and is now opening new doors for Latinos in the technology industry. Gómez shares tips for Latinos on how to join the digital revolution, and a promoter of community communications shares advice on how to achieve this at a low cost. This program is part of a special series on breaking the digital divide.


Guests: Laura I. Gómez, Manager, International Localization,, San Francisco, CA, ; José Morán, Coordinator, Radio Bilingüe’s Conéctate Project, Fresno, CA,


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