Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JUNE 15.
PROGRAM # 7543 12:00 PM PT

Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect.

Net neutrality rules have taken effect after a federal judge denied the telecom industry request to stay the rules until the courts resolve the legal challenges. Meantime, Republican members of Congress introduced a bill seeking to block money for FCC enforcement of the rules. On another matter, a new bill in the House would make Internet access more affordable by enhancing the FCC’s Lifeline program to help low-income consumers connect to emergency services, family members, and jobs. Analysts discuss these pressing issues.

Guests: Steven Renderos, Senior Campaign Manager, The Center for Media Justice, Oakland, CA,; Rosa Mendoza, Executive Director, Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership, Washington, DC,; Irasema Garza, J.D., Policy Advisor, Policy Analysis Center, National Council of la Raza, Washington, DC,

Photo: Media Action Grassroots Network/Facebook

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