Sounds of California.

PROGRAM # 7666 12:00 PM PT

Sounds of California.

Folk music performers meet this weekend in Oakland, CA, to explore how the musical soundscape of California has changed, reshaped by newcomer communities that have called the Golden State home, bringing with them a wealth of diverse cultural traditions. Performers include an Ohlone Indian cultural leader, a West African music and dance ensemble, a Filipino Kulintang ensemble, and a Mixtec indigenous troupe from California’s San Joaquin Valley. This program includes conversations with the program host and band leaders.

Guests: Daniel Sheehy, Director, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Washington, DC; Bernardino Flores, Director, Banda Brillo de San Miguel Cuevas, Fresno, CA; Diego Solano, co-director, Danza de los Diablos, Fresno, CA; Jorge Juárez, co-director, Danza de los Diablos, Fresno, CA.


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