“Comadres al Aire” New Season.

Monday_673x324 11amMONDAY, OCTOBER 31
PROGRAM # 9803 11:00 AM PT

“Comadres al Aire” New Season.

The Spanish-language radio series “Comadres al Aire” returns to the national airwaves for a second season of news stories and conversations focusing on taboo topics of special interest to women, such as reproductive health, sex education, mental health, breastfeeding, and issues for non-binary and transgender people. The two award-winning journalists and program hosts share highlights of the new series.

Guests: Valeria Fernández, Founder, Altavoz Lab, Co-host and producer, Comadres al Aire, Phoenix, AZ; Maritza Félix, Founder, Conecta Arizona, Co-host and producer, Comadres al Aire, Phoenix, AZ.

Photo: Comadres al aire via facebook

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