Chicano Moratorium: Fifty Years.

Monday_673x324(2)MONDAY, AUGUST 31
PROGRAM # 8991 12:00 PM PT

Chicano Moratorium: Fifty Years.

50 years ago, a peace march and rally protesting the disproportionate Chicano casualties in the Vietnam War, turned violent after being attacked by the police, leaving several dead, including journalist Ruben Salazar. The historic march has left an indelible mark in the consciousness of an entire generation. In this edition, the top organizer of the original Chicano Moratorium shares memories about the march and rally (“like a great political festival”), the causes (“Chicanos being victims of the epidemics of racism and the war, and after being used as cheap labor were later used as cannon fodder for an immoral war”), the support gathered from national leaders of the Chicano movement, the attack by Sheriff deputies (“premeditated”), the death of Rubén Salazar (“who congratulated us for the succesful turn out,” the role federal agencies played in attempting to break community organizing work, and the long lasting impact that the Chicano Moratorium has had on political representation. This program also features little-known corridos by Lalo Guerrero and Louie Mendez singing about the historic event and honoring Rubén Salazar.

Guest: Rosalío Muñoz, Original Chair of the Organizing Committee, President Emeritus, Committee to Commemorate Chicano Moratorium March, Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: texasedequity.blogspot

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