Musicians from the Purepecha Heartlands.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5
PROGRAM # 7872 12:00 PM PST.

Musicians from the Purepecha Heartlands.

Don Pedro Dimas and his family string band “Mirando al Lago” came to the US invited by the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Washington state to showcase their repertoire of traditional dance music from the Purepecha people villages surrounding Lake Patzcuaro in the state of Michoacan. Pedro Dimas, a master violinist and composer, and his sons were interviewed while touring the San Francisco Bay area. This is a special Holiday edition.

Guests: Don Pedro Dimas, Master Violinist and Composer, Director of Mirando al Lago Orchestra, San Francisco, CA; Miguel Dimas, Vihuela Player, Mirando al Lago, San Francisco, CA; Hermenegildo Dimas, Tololoche Player, Mirando al Lago, San Francisco, CA.

Photo: Grupo de Cuerdas Mirando al Lago/Facebook

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