Lila Downs: “Al Chile.” Also, “Flipping the Tortilla.”

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JUNE 10
PROGRAM # 8625 12:00 PM PT

Lila Downs: “Al Chile.”

Renowned Mexican singer and composer Lila Downs talks about her latest album “Al Chile,” featuring a mix of traditional and modern electronic sounds where she sings to food and women and speaks frankly about immigration. She was interviewed during a recent stop in San Francisco.

Guest: Lila Downs, Singer and Composer, “Al Chile”, San Francisco, CA.

“Flipping the Tortilla.” This is a conversation with a leading figure of the contemporary Afro-Cuban feminist movement. In this conversation during a tour stop in San Francisco, she discusses the global debate on abortion rights, femicides on Black trans women, Cuba’s progressive legislation on maternity and paternity leave, gender discrimination in Cuba, and the networking efforts for the Afro-Cuban diaspora.

Guest: Sandra Abd’Allah-Alvarez Ramirez, Afro-Cuban Journalist, Psychologist, Cyber Activist, San Francisco, CA.


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