“A Dream Called Home.” Also, Early Voting Begins.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, OCTOBER 22
PROGRAM # 8454 12:00 PM PT

“A Dream Called Home.”

In this memoir, bestselling author Reyna Grande tells her inspiring story, from her early years in an impoverished town in the mountains of Southern Mexico, to her journey from undocumented migrant girl who overcame family negligence and abuse, and a hostile school system, to become a first generation college student and then an award-winning writer. She is the author of three novels.

Guest: Reyna Grande, Award-Winning Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Author of the Book “A Dream Called Home,” Los Angeles, CA.

Early Voting Begins. Today is the first day to vote early in Texas, Florida and other states, and according to an expert, voter turnout in Texas exceeds the numbers of 2014, there are reports of long waiting lines, and the election system has been ill-prepared for this unusual voter wave. An analyst comments on ID requirements for early voters, Trump’s campaign visit to Houston, and the importance of meeting the deadline to register today, the last day, in California.

Guest: Lydia Camarillo, Vice President, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, San Antonio, TX.

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