States Sue Over Social Media Harm to Kids. Monarch Butterflies and Day of the Dead. The Legacy of Ernie Palomino.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2
PROGRAM # 10178 12:00 PM PT

States Sue Over Social Media Harm to Kids.

Dozens of bipartisan states, including California, Utah and New York, are suing major tech giants claiming their social media platforms are addictive and toxic for kids and are contributing to the youth mental health crisis. Representatives of a plaintiff state explain the grounds of the lawsuit.

Monarch Butterflies and Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead coincides with the arrival of monarch butterflies at overwintering sites. Monarchs have been classified as endangered and researchers share the idea that several actions are necessary to guarantee the future of the monarch migration phenomenon, especially protecting their habitat. An expert on wildlife and climate-resilient habitats explains the historical and cultural connection between Día de Muertos and monarch butterfly conservation efforts.

Guest: Dr. Rebeca Quiñonez-Piñón, Climate-Resilient Habitats Program Director and Monarch Recovery Strategist, National Wildlife Federation, Washington, DC.

The Legacy of Ernie Palomino. Chicano artist and educator Ernesto “Ernie” Palomino passed away last week at the age of 89. As a posthumous tribute, we air a segment of an archival interview with the renowned painter. In this segment, he comments on his early themes of his artwork, his influences to become a muralist, and his values as a Chicano cultural arts activist. The interview was originally aired on Dec 5, 1997.

Guest: Ernesto “Ernie” Palomino, Prominent Chicano Painter, Muralist, Artist, Professor, Fresno, CA.

Photo: Árpád Czapp via Unsplash

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