Extra Edition: Eviction Hotspots. Homemade Tamales on Tik Tok. Using Humor to Curb Coronavirus Myths.

Tuesday_673x324  11amTUESDAY, DECEMBER 28
PROGRAM # 9484 11:00 AM PDT

Extra Edition: Eviction Hotspots.

While CDC banned most home evictions due to Covid-related hardships, many tenants were still forced to leave. That’s what a news reporter found after reviewing data and talking to people in a four-county area in California’s Central Valley. In this conversation, she gives an advance story, breaking down how many renters ended up evicted and the neighborhoods that were hotspots for evictions.

Guest: Cassandra Garibay, Housing Reporter, Fresnoland Lab at The Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA.

Homemade Tamales on Tik Tok. During this tamale season, a woman tamale-maker from California’s Central Valley has gone viral on Tik Tok thanks to the imagination and the social media skills of her son. A contributing reporter has the story.

Guest: Nadia López, Reporter, The Fresno Bee, Central Valley News Collaborative, Fresno, CA.

Using Humor to Curb Coronavirus Myths. Well-known cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz has teamed up with California’s Department of Public Health to encourage Latinos to get vaccinated against COVID-19 this holiday season using the power of his cartoons. In this interview, Lalo talks about his beginnings and his sources of inspiration in his art, his use of caricatures and humor to tackle a very deadly pandemic, the most difficult rumors and myths that circulate among Latino communities and resist to die.

Guest: Lalo Alcaraz, Creator of Syndicated Comic Strip “La Cucaracha,” Consultant for Film “Coco,” Los Angeles, CA

Foto: evictionlab.org

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