Elena Poniatowska (Program Repeat).

Tuesday_673x324 12TUESDAY, APRIL 26
PROGRAM # 9604 12:00 PM PT

Elena Poniatowska (Program Repeat.)

This is a conversation with the well-known Mexican journalist and writer Elena Poniatowska about her new novel “Dos veces única,” in which she tells about the life and times of diva Lupe Marín, the second wife of celebrated muralist Diego Rivera. Marín was a well-known model and novelist who lived her life with a singular passion and intensity and left a mark on important artists and intellectuals of the time. The writer also speaks about the electoral and literary situation in Mexico.

Guest: Elena Poniatowska, Journalist and Writer, Mexico City.

Guadalupe Rivera. This is an interview with Guadalupe Rivera Marín, daughter of two celebrated figures in Mexican culture: the great master muralist Diego Rivera and writer Lupe Marín. Guadalupe Rivera, attorney, academic, former political leader and tireless promoter of Mexican art, is the author of several books. The most recent one is titled “My Dad Diego and I,” a book for children in which she narrates anecdotes of her times with her father. This archival program was originally aired on May 30, 2018.

Guest: Guadalupe Rivera, Promoter of Art and Works of Diego Rivera, San Francisco, CA.

Photo: Rodrigo Fernández via commons.wikimedia.org

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