Coronavirus: Extra Edition.

Tuesday_673x324 11TUESDAY, JULY 7
PROGRAM # 8936 11:00 AM PT

Coronavirus: Extra Edition.

As coronavirus infections surge and deaths are lagging behind in the US, a scientist discusses the meaning of this phenomenon and the lessons of President Bolsonaro’s infection. He also comments on the long-term ravages of Covid-19, the disproportionate numbers of the pandemic on Latinos, and the efforts to get authorities pay more attention to the aerosol contagion. On another topic: in the wake of the Supreme Court decision and in the face of Trump’s new attempt to end DACA, civil rights groups are launching a national effort called “Todo o Nada” to raise funds to help DACA recipients pay for legal assistance or immigration fees.

Guests: Dr. Jesús Sepúlveda, Distinguished Professor of Global Health, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Sciences, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA; Euler Torres, President, LULAC Council 3273 of San Joaquin, Tulare, CA; Saul Torres, Organizer, Todos o Nada, Tulare, CA

Photo: California Governor/Facebook

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