Sounds of California – Bayview Concert

The Au Co group, with its teacher playing drums, Van Anh Vo, a well-known artist who also plays with famous groups such as the Kronos Quartet and who has been playing traditional music since she was 6 years old. Photo: Sonia Narang / ACTA.

The Au Co group, with teacher Van Anh Vo, a well-known artist who also plays with famous groups. Photo: Sonia Narang / ACTA.

The Sounds of California in the Bayview Concert was held before a live audience at the Bayview Opera House in San Francisco. Musical artists from the Bay Area’s African-American, Vietnamese, Kurdish, and Chicano communities ponder displacement, migration, and creating a new sense of home. The program is hosted by Rhodessa Jones.

The first half of the concert begins with the Omnira Institute’s choir Awon Ohun Omnira, and continues with the Peña-Govea Family:

The second half of the concert includes mother-daughter duo Isik Berfin and Özden Öztropak and the Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center’s Youth Ensemble:

Sounds of California – Bayview is a production of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts and Radio Bilingüe, in collaboration with the Bayview Opera House and the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

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