Eating with Gratitude: Jacka Mobile. Also, Eating with Gratitude: Woke Foods.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23
PROGRAM # 8206 12:00 PM PT

Eating with Gratitude: Jacka Mobile.

An entrepreneurial Mexican family who owns a taco truck is creating a new menu and new food market using as their main ingredient a little-known fruit from India called jacka. They cook jacka with traditional Mexican seasonings, and, with tasty offerings of tacos al pastor and tamales en salsa verde, they are moving more and more people into a plan-based diet and away from meat and diabetes, obesity, and other maladies of our time. The jacka cook shares tips about healthy dishes for the holiday season.

Guests: Miriam Martínez, Cook, Co-Owner, La Jacka Mobile, Fresno, CA; Roberto Jáuregui, Co-Owner, La Jacka Mobile, Fresno, CA.

Eating with Gratitude: Woke Foods. Two afroindigenous Dominican women started Woke Foods, the first vegetarian Dominican cuisine business in the city of New York. Changing the usual recipes for sancochos, asopaos, pastelones and other traditional Dominican plates, the pioneering cooks are transforming the taste in the barrio in Washington Heights and at the same time are seeking to free their clientele from the health issues brought upon by the fast-food and junk-food industries and promote awareness about food justice. In this program, the cook shares ideas of vegan meals for the Holidays and gives reasons to feel thankful.

Guest: Merelis Ortiz, WOKE Foods, Washington Heights, New York, NY.

Photo: La Jacka Mobile Taco Truck/Facebook

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