Celebrating Women Farmers.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, MARCH 14
PROGRAM # 9560 12:00 PM PT

Celebrating Women Farmers.

On the month that celebrates the contributions of women, Latina women farmers share their story as leading advocates in the movement for organic farming. They talk about their purpose in farming, how they went from field laborers to organic farmers and what it means to be a Latina farm owner or operator in a traditionally-male field. They say they learned from the milpa farming tradition inherited from their grandparents in Mexico to focus on regenerative agricultural practices that care about the well-being of the environment, conserve water, and help produce healthy food, without poisons, remove polluting greenhouse gas emissions from the air and reverse global climate change.

Guests: María Catalán, Owner, Catalan Farms, Hollister, CA; Justina Salinas, Owner, Araceli Farms, Dixon, CA; Celsa Ortega, Owner, Induchucuiti Organic Farms, Salinas, CA.

Photo: Induchucuiti Organic Farms via facebook

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