“Caravana al Norte.” Also, “Los Hilos que Tejen”.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3
PROGRAM # 8708 12:00 PM PT

“Caravana al Norte.”

Award-winning Salvadoran poet Jorge Argueta, author of many acclaimed bilingual books for children, is now releasing “Caravana al Norte,” the fictionalized story of a Salvadoran boy whose family joins a migrant caravan to the US, finding kindness during their journey north, but also facing hardships and the crude reality of a closed and hostile border in Tijuana.

Guest: Jorge Argueta, Poet, Writer, Author of “Caravana al Norte,” San Francisco, CA.

“Los Hilos que Tejen”. The Spanish-language book and audiobook “Los Hilos que Tejen, en el Corazón del Hombre Inmigrante,” is a collection of testimonials from 22 immigrant men from Latin American countries living in the US. The men share their most intimate feelings of fear and the courage that helped them overcome the challenges of getting ahead and persevering in their new country.

Guest: Patricia Veliz, Macal, Author, “Los Hilos que Tejen en el Corazón del Hombre Inmigrante,” Los Angeles, CA; Jose Alfredo Herrera, protagonista, Lawrenceville, GA.

Photo: Teaching for Change‎/Facebook

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