“America’s Social Arsonist.” Also, The Equinox and Aztlan.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21
PROGRAM # 7885 12:00 PM PT

“America’s Social Arsonist.”

A conversation with the author of the first biography of Fred Ross, an unsung pioneer considered one of the most influential community organizers in US history. After working with Dust Bowl migrants and helping release interned Japanese Americans, Ross went on to wage a number of fights for the empowerment of Latinos. He was a lifetime mentor for iconic farm labor leaders César Chávez and Dolores Huerta.

Guest: Gabriel Thompson, Steinbeck Fellow in Creative Writing, San Jose State University, Author of “America’s Social Arsonist,” Oakland, CA.

The Equinox and Aztlan. Community leaders prepare to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, the first day of fall, in Native American sacred sites around Blythe. The veteran organizer also talks about his new book, “Coatepec,” and his lifetime research, delving into the mystery of Aztlan, the ancient homeland of the Aztecas. He finds answers in the Lower Colorado River, which he says is the original point of migration of the Nahua people to the Valley of Mexico.

Guest: Alfredo Figueroa, Historian, Activist, Author of “Ancient Footprints of the Colorado River,” and “Coatepec: Origin of the Azteca/Mexica,” Blythe, CA.

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