“American Dirt” and Diversity in Book Publishing.

Tuesday_673x324(4)TUESDAY, MARCH 31
PROGRAM # 8843 12:00 PM PT

“American Dirt” and Diversity in Book Publishing.

Announced by its fans as “a great migrant novel,” the book “American Dirt” tells the story about a Mexican mom and son who are forced to flee their hometown and crossed to the US after they feared for their life. Latino intellectuals, however, say the story is filled with old stereotypes and clichés and denounce the publishing industry for failing to include Latinos. A leading organizer of a campaign representing Latino literature and a publisher discuss the controversy. This is a pre-taped, Holiday edition, on Cesar Chávez Day.

Guests: Roberto Lovato, Writer, Co-Founder, “DignidadLiteraria, San Francisco, CA; Roberto Cabello-Argandoña, Editor Emeritus ad Honorem, Floricanto Press, Moorpark, CA.

Photo: behance.net/Katty_huertas

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