Fourth of July: Freedom and Tradition.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, JULY 4
PROGRAM # 8643 12:00 PM PT

Fourth of July: Freedom and Tradition.

Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in US soil and the site of the Santa Fe Fiesta, the oldest community celebration in the US, and many in New Mexico continue honoring musical and cultural traditions from the early days of the Spanish and Mexican settlements. On this holiday, when the nation celebrates the Declaration of Independence, event that led to the birth of the US, New Mexican historians and musicians talk about their efforts to keep their cultural roots alive. This day also marks an anniversary of Radio Bilingüe. On this occasion, this program includes selected voices of civil rights leaders from our historic archives.

Guests: (Audio Segments) Roberto Martínez, New Mexico’s State Historian, Member of Los Reyes de Albuquerque, Santa Fe, NM; Roberto Mondragón, Folk Singer and Composer, Educator, Former Lt. Governor of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM; Josefina Borboa Fierro; Lalo Guerrero; Armando Rodríguez; Cruz Reynoso; César Chávez; Dolores Huerta; Gilberto Padilla; Bert Corona; Manuel Peña; Ramón “Chunky” Sánchez; Rigoberta Menchú; Adolfo Pérez Esquivel; Sylvia Méndez.

Photo: Santa Fe Fiesta/Facebook

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