Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF AUGUST 8, 2022

PROGRAM #9708 12:00 PM PT

Climate, Health Care and Tax Bill. Congress worked through the weekend on the Inflation Reduction Act and Democrats are expected to pass it through the budget reconciliation process. The legislation, funded in part by a corporate minimum tax, would spend big on energy and climate change, lower drug prices, and close some tax loopholes.

Guests: José López Zamorano, News Reporter, Washington, DC; Others TBA.

PROGRAM #9709 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Telmary from Cuba. A conversation with Telmary from Cuba about her most recent production, “Maradentro,” an album celebrating her 20 years in music with a collection of songs featuring diverse sounds like Brazilian samba and funke, bolero, conga, and timba. Telmary dedicates her new album to the sea, Yemaya, the female deity, and women empowerment, and to the spiritual quest to reclaim Cuba’s traditional musical roots.

Guest: Telmary Díaz, Cuban Musician, Rapper and Spoken-Word Artist, West Palm Beach, FL.

PROGRAM #9710 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition. Congress members and civil rights groups ask the federal government to intervene in Texas reporting tens of deaths and a number of racial profiling cases in connection with Operation Lone Star. Meantime, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bused 6,500 migrants to Washington, forcing the city to take emergency measures. In more news, advocates say migrants are being illegally detained at detention centers along the border, ICE is failing to release them, even though their cases were terminated by the court. Why has DHS failed to end the MPP program and continued the detention of asylum seekers? Finally, the Biden administration’s “public charge” policy has been completed by the DHS and the final regulation may be ready in weeks. What do advocates expect? What are the stakes for millions of immigrant families?

Guests: Adriana Cadena, PIF Campaign Director, Los Angeles, CA; Others TBA.

PROGRAM #9711 12:00 PM PT

Uvalde Mothers Speak Up. After families from Uvalde protested, members of the powerful NRA in Texas canceled plans to raffle an AR-15 rifle, the type of weapon that a shooter used to massacre children at a local elementary school. Activist mothers from Uvalde talk about this and their efforts to have a say on gun laws.

Guests: Angela Villescaz, Founder, Fierce Madres, Austin, TX; Angeli Rose Gómez, Mother of Surviving Children, Uvalde, TX (TBC).

March from Delano to Sacramento. Farm workers are entering today their third County in a 24-day march to the state capitol in Sacramento to push for a bill that would give farmworkers the choice of voting by mail in union elections. This is a report on the reception they’ve had in the eight cities and towns they have visited so far.

Kansas Vote on Abortion. In Kansas, citizens voted overwhelmingly to protect abortion rights as part of the state’s constitution. What does this vote in a red state mean? What’s the possible impact of the Supreme Court decision on abortion on the November elections?

PROGRAM #9712 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: March from Delano to Sacramento. Dozens of farmworkers marching to demand the right to vote absentee in union elections made their arrival to Fresno, where Catholic Bishops Brennan and Ochoa are scheduled to join the 24-day pilgrimage to Sacramento. These and other news are reported from the site of the welcoming rally.

PROGRAM #9706 12:00 PM PT

Dangerous Air from Wildfires. A number of homes burnt by a wildfire forcing the evacuation of a small town in the state of Washington. The worst of the wildfire season is still to come. The toxic smoke from the fires is putting in danger the health of millions. How toxic is wildfire smoke? How to prepare for bad air quality from wildfires?

Worker Protections Against Summer Heat. The extreme heat that baked the Northwest is blamed for the death of more than 20 people in Oregon and Washington state. While the dome of heat has shifted, authorities remain on alert and warn agriculture and other industries to take extra precautions to protect outdoor workers from heat and smoke hazards. Experts discuss the new state requirements in Washington to save workers from the risks of heat stroke.

PROGRAM #9713 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. Rescue teams are working against the clock to save at least ten workers trapped in a flooded coal mine in Northern Mexico. What’s being done to rescue them? What went wrong? Who is responsible? On other news, a union leader warned he may appeal to the USMCA to deal with a long-lasting miners strike against a powerful mining company in Mexico. These and other news are discussed in this edition.

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