Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF MAY 25, 2020

PROGRAM # 8895 12:00 PM PT

Covid-19 Fueling Racism and Xenophobia. Asian American doctors and nurses are facing racist attacks, and Mexican construction workers are being harassed as they help battle the Covid-19 pandemic. How widespread is this prejudice? Who is feeding the flames of bigotry? What’s being done to prevent xenophobic discrimination?

Guest: John McKiernan-González, Director, Center for the Study of the Southwest, Associate Professor of History, Texas State University Austin, Austin, TX.

Coping with Covid-19 Quarantine. The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened fear, anxiety, and depression. On Mental Health Awareness Month, Los Angeles is launching a public education campaign to celebrate mental health and wellbeing, bring inspiration to those suffering from isolation and grief, and provide tools to help address the rising wave of mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and suicide. This is a Holiday, pre-taped edition.

Guest: Dr. Jorge Partida, Psy.D., Chief of Psychology, Department of Mental Health, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.


PROGRAM # 8896 11:00 AM PT

Coronavirus: Extra Edition. Guest commentators discuss the steps followed by California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada to reopen their economies in a coordinated way amid the coronavirus pandemic. This and other news are examined in this special edition.

PROGRAM # 8897 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition. As Latino immigrants facing increased hardships and struggle to access government aid, a House bill that brings relief to essential workers, including immigrants, faces uncertain future in the Senate. What’s in the HEROES Act? Meantime, infection cases for migrants in ICE custody continue to multiply and more “medically vulnerable” migrants sue for their release. Finally, following rejection by the Supreme Court, advocates join New York State’s Attorney General in asking a federal judge to stop enforcing the new “public charge” rules during the Covid-19 pandemic.


PROGRAM # 8898 12:00 PM PT

Latinos and the Risks of Asthma. Latinos are at increased risk for asthma, respiratory problems, and death from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome due to genetic predisposition, says a leading scientist investigating treatments. In this interview, the specialist talks about the impact that Covid-19 has on patients suffering from ARDS respiratory failure, how to protect oneself and the prospects of discovering a treatment.

Guest: Dr. Joe García, MD, Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Arizona, Founder and CEP, Aqualung Therapeutics, Member, Institute of medicine of the National Academies, Tucson, AZ.

Lifeline for Essential Workers. One in three grocery store employees say their companies have not instituted new workplace cleaning procedures and protecting gear to help them survive the Covid-19 crisis. New York’s Attorney General Office is looking into workers complaints.

Guest: Nathalia Alejandra Varela, Associate Counsel, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, New York, NY.


PROGRAM # 8899 11:00 PM PT

Coronavirus: Extra Edition. Experts discuss the news about Covid-19 in children, as reports are increasing about diseases in children linked to coronavirus. How to keep children healthy during the outbreak? They also talk about Covid-tracing technology and smartphone apps to notify users of coronavirus exposure, among other topics.

PROGRAM # 8900 12:00 PM PT

Voting During Covid-19. A federal appeals court temporarily blocked a ruling that would have allowed all Texas voters to vote by mail during the Covid-19 pandemic. Analysts discuss efforts to give access to mail-in ballots to everyone and the outlook in battleground states and races.

PROGRAM # 8901 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. Cuban doctors and nurses are helping Mexico City fight the coronavirus. Despite the US blockade, Cuban doctors have been able to assist countries around the world in the pandemic. The rate of Covid-19 infections in Cuba has been lower than most countries in the Americas. What can the US learn from Cuba? On other news, a Mexican scholar raises a red flag on the dangers of a devastating outbreak of Covid-19 in Mexico’s migrant shelters along its northern border. These and other topics are explored in this Mexico-focused edition.

Guests: Dr. Abraham Vela, Graduate, Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA; Dr. Laura Velasco, Social Researcher, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana, MX (TBC).

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