Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF NOVEMBER 21, 2022

PROGRAM #9830 11:00 AM PT

Lessons from the Midterms. After the midterms, Republicans won control of the House and Washington will now have a divided Congress. What to expect from a government with a divided Congress in areas such as immigration and climate change? What can and should Democrats do before they deliver the House? How are voters taking Trump’s new presidential campaign? How do they take the priorities announced by the new House leader?

Guests: Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director, America’s Voice, Washington, DC; Others TBA.

PROGRAM #9831 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Latinos. The recent casting of Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta in the movie Black Panther 2 has sparked excitement in Latin American for the leading roles of Latino characters, but also controversy about the continuing portrayal of Latinos as villains in movies. A college professor and her students evaluate the movie and also reflect on the history of underrepresentation of Latinos in the media industry.

Guests: Prof. Hortencia Jiménez, Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Hartnell College, Salinas, CA; Others TBA.

PROGRAM #9832 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition. As Congress returns for the lame-duck session, many are descending on Washington urging Congress to pass permanent legislative protections for immigrant youth and DACA recipients before the end of the year. In another story, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot is declaring immigration from Mexico an “invasion” and he is ordering to take “unprecedented measures” to defend the state. Finally, a federal judge blocked border rule Title 42, a policy that allowed the US to expel more than one million migrants.

Guests: Jaime Rangel, DACA Recipient, Georgia State Immigration Director, FWD.US, Atlanta, GA; Fernando García, Executive Director, Border Network for Human Rights, El Paso, TX.

PROGRAM #9833 12:00 PM PT

LA vs Hate. Concerned about the recent rise of anti-Semitism and hate speech, and after racist remarks involving Los Angeles city leaders, communities and activists around Los Angeles engaged in a week of coordinated activities as part of the annual event “United Against Hate.” Through this campaign to “report and resist hate,” organizers are raising awareness on hate incidents and crimes.

Guest: Robin Toma, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, Los Angeles, CA.

Bass: LA’s First Female Mayor. Congresswoman Karen Bass won the Los Angeles mayor’s race, making history as the first woman elected to lead the nation’s second-largest city. She defeated a billionaire who used his personal fortune to fund his campaign. What are the takeaways of this highly-contested race? What’s the meaning of Bass victory? What changes are expected in areas such as crime and homelessness?

Guest: Dr. Raul Hinojosa, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Midterms and Xenophobic Ads. Experts reported that a number of extremist conservative candidates campaigned in the recent midterm elections using hateful narratives and white nationalist talking points. They point out that while the nativist card didn’t deliver political results, it continues being used by high-profile elected officials.

Guest: Enrique Davis-Mazlum, LUCHA Blue Campaign Director, LUCHA – Living United for Change in Arizona, Phoenix, AZ.

PROGRAM #9834 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: “The Book of the Sun.” (Program Repeat) Known for centuries as the Aztec Calendar, the old monolith of Mexica culture is now being called the Sun Stone. As a researcher explains, the basaltic disc is not a calendar, it’s a history book. This archival interview, originally aired on Sep 12, 1995, is a National Native American Heritage Month Special.

Guest: Dr. Cecilio Orozco, Author of “The Book of the Sun,” Professor at Fresno State University, Fresno, CA.

PROGRAM #9835 12:00 PM PT

“Santos – Skin to Skin.” The San Francisco Bay Area musician, activist and educator John Santos is featured in a new film which links the rhythms of his African ancestors with current struggles against urban gentrification and social and racial injustice. In the documentary “Santos – Skin to Skin,” the filmmakers follow this virtuoso of the congas from rehearsals in his garage studio in Oakland to gigs with congueros in the barrios of Puerto Rico and great concert stages. Santos, one of the foremost exponents of Afro-Latin music, has played along side jazz legends Eddie Palmieri and Orestes Vilató. This is a special Holiday program.

Guest: John Santos, Seven-time Grammy Nominated Percussionist, Educator, Producer, Composer, Oakland, CA.

PROGRAM #9836 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. Thanksgiving, the US national celebration, is also known as Turkey Day, and is generally associated with family turkey dinners. Few know that this bird, Guajolote, was originally domesticated by the ancient Aztecas and Mayas in Mexico. As it traveled through the world, it became a holiday staple in kitchens in the US and Europe. In today’s Mexico, guajolotes or cóconos are raised more in homes or ranches than at an industrial scale and this “plate that Mexico gave to the world” is more often used in everyday cooking in recipes of mole, tamales or tortas.

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