Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF FEBRUARY 24, 2020

PROGRAM # 8810  12:00 PM PT

Línea Abierta At 25: Memorable Conversations. This week, Línea Abierta celebrates 25 years on the nation’s public radio airwaves. To mark this milestone, the team compiled memorable segments from Línea’s historical archives, including interviews with US Presidents, authors, scientists and other newsmakers; public forums with political leaders and citizens; and reports and comments from listeners-turned-citizen-journalists.

Guests: TBA.

PROGRAM # 8811  12:00 PM PT

Línea Abierta At 25: The First Broadcasts. On this day, Línea Abierta turns 25. The original production team meets to reflect on the dreams driving the creation of the first nationally-distributed weekday news/talk show in Spanish in the public radio system. The program, still the only one of its kind, was launched to give Latino stories headline status, provide a national platform for public officials and social leaders to discuss big policy issues impacting Latino communities, and actively engage the listeners in the public conversation.

Guests: Juan Arámbula, Former Host, Línea Abierta, Former California Assemblymember, Fresno, CA; María Eraña, Former Producer, Línea Abierta, Broadcast Manager, Radio Bilingüe, Fresno, CA; Samuel Orozco, Executive Producer/Host, Línea Abierta, Director of News and Information, Radio Bilingüe, Fresno, CA.


PROGRAM # 8812  12:00 PM PT

Latino Journalism in the Era of Fake News. In this anniversary special, scholars and journalists discuss the state of Latino journalism. They also comment on how powerful and influential media and government circles disseminate fake news and “Alternative Facts” to shape public opinion and policymaking on immigration and perpetuate stereotypes about Latinos.

Guests: Dr. José Luis Benavides, Professor of Journalism, Director of Spanish-Language Journalism Program, California State University, Northridge, Northdrige, CA; Dr. Mercedes de Uriarte, Professor Emerita, School of Journalism, University of Texas, Austin, Austin, TX; Others TBA.


PROGRAM # 8813  12:00 PM PT

Entriegas: The Delivery of the Newlyweds. Deep in the heartlands of Rio Arriba country in New Mexico and Colorado, folk musicians have been regarded for centuries as gatekeepers of family traditions. Folk musicians have been held in high esteem because of the key role they play during the wedding ceremonies, where they sing lyrics that capture details about the history of each family and community. Musicians play the Marcha de los Novios, the processional march of the newlyweds, and then sing the Entriega de los Novios, a traditional rendition of verses, which include words of inspiration, moral advice and good wishes for the newlyweds.

Guests: Cipriano Vigil, Master Folk Musician, El Rito, NM; Dr. Roberto Lamadrid, Distinguished Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM; Roberto Martínez Jr, State Historian of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM; Lorenzo Martínez, Master Violinist, 2003 NEA National Heritage Fellow, Albuquerque, NM; Dr. Lorenzo Trujillo, Master Folk Musician, Inductee, Colorado Chicano Music Hall of Fame, Denver, CO.


PROGRAM # 8814  12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. This anniversary program presents archival material featuring segments from the first Mexico Editions aired in collaboration with the late Paco Huerta, a foremost proponent of citizen journalism in Mexico. The program also includes news and commentary on current news developments in Mexico.

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