Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF JANUARY 17, 2022

PROGRAM # 9504 12:00 PM PT

Racial Healing Day. Stating that it is time for the US to reckon with racism and healing is at the heart of racial equity, leaders from philanthropy and media, and culture-bearers are calling for another national day of racial healing to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday. Today, they are promoting community conversations to speak out against racism and invest in racial healing. A top leader explains the goals of this coordinated action in dozens of cities.

Guest: Dr. Icela Pelayo, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Strategic Partner for the Truth, Racial Healing Transformation Initiative, Leader of the National Racial Healing Day, Battle Creek, MI.

Tribute to Civil Rights Icon. The University of California, Los Angeles last month named its labor center building in honor of civil and labor rights icon Rev. James Lawson Jr. Lawson is recognized as a top leader of the national civil rights and labor rights movements and a very close friend of Martin Luther King Jr. During the ceremony, Latino leaders reflected on the teachings of the veteran leader for the new generation of activists.

Guests: State Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, D-Los Angeles; State Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo, D-Los Angeles; Dr. Gaspar Rivera Salgado, Professor, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; Leslie Ayala, College Student, Dreamer, Los Angeles, CA; Liliana Hernandez, Union Organizer, Los Angeles, CA; Guillermo Torres, Community Organizer, CLUE, Los Angeles, CA.


PROGRAM #9505 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Historic Overtime Pay for Farmworkers. California farmworkers have now the right to get the same overtime pay that most other workers have. The new law, first of its kind in the nation, began taking full effect on January 1st for most businesses and farms. A news reporter explains the details of the new state law and the debate that continues surrounding its implementation.

Guest: Nadia López, News Reporter, The Fresno Bee/Central Valley News Collaborative, Fresno, CA.

Help for Health Insurance Buys. If you buy health insurance through the Covered California marketplace, chances are that you will get a big discount on your monthly premium — or pay no premium at all – thanks to the American Rescue Plan law. But many people in California and the US who are eligible are not yet getting the benefit. A health care journalist explains.

Guest: Bernard J. Wolfson, Managing Editor for California Healthline, Kaiser Health News, Los Angeles, CA.

PROGRAM # 9506 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition. The US Treasury Department released a final rule that prohibits states from using COVID-19 relief funds to build new prisons or expand existing ones. Yet, Alabama and other states have outlined plans to sidestep and use American Rescue Plan funds to finance new prisons rather than invest in public health. Advocates explain the new federal rule and comment on the looming political clash. They also comment on the rising number of COVID cases among detained immigrants in a center run by a private prison company in the US Northwest. Finally, the US Senate may vote at any minute on reforming the filibuster, after the House passed a major voting rights bill.

Guest: Maru Mora Villalpando, Community Organizer, La Resistencia, Tacoma, WA; Gonzalo Santos, Emeritus Professor, Sociologist, California State University Bakersfield, Bakersfield, CA; Others TBA.


PROGRAM #9507 12:00 PM PT

The Deep Freeze and the Deadly Carbon Monoxide. The Texas power crisis in February set off the worst carbon monoxide poisoning in recent history. Blacks and Latinos took a disproportionate toll of this epidemic. And while Texas finally passed a new law to require carbon monoxide alarms in homes around the state, the new policy is still weaker than the ones in most states and future catastrophes could happen again. How did the disaster happen? What’s been done to protect the residents? How can people prevent carbon monoxide poisonings?

Guests: Perla Trevizo, Investigative Reporter, ProPublica, Houston, TX; Antonieta Cadiz, Hispanic Press Secretary, Climate Power 2020, Houston, TX.

Winter Home Fires. A Red Cross expert shares home heating safety tips on how to keep families safe from home fires. According to reports, home fires are most common in colder months with home heating being the second leading cause of fires at families’ residences. In the first days of this month, thousands of people have been affected by home fires and many have lost their lives around the US. What are the most common causes? How to prevent a tragedy?

Guest: Mary Bastos, Organizer, Central California Red Cross Region, Fresno, CA.


PROGRAM # 9508 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: California’s Budget Plan. Gov. Newsom unveiled his proposed state budget. He is planning to spend California’s historic surplus by ramping up Covid boosters and testing, fighting the climate crisis, including extreme heat, wildfires and the drought, expanding CalFresh to include undocumented people 55 and older, and investing a historic funding for education. Analysts also comment on a proposed bill and state constitutional amendment to create a free universal health care system in California. Named CalCare, the plan would provide “universal single-payer health care coverage.”

PROGRAM #9509 12:00 PM PT

Combating Omicron Surge. As fast-spreading Omicron becomes the dominant Covid variant, US hospitalizations largely among unvaccinated people break record numbers. In California, as authorities prepare for the endemic phase of Covid, public health leaders urge Californians to get booster doses and use effective face masks to prevent infection or serious disease from Covid-19. What to know about boosters? How to wear a face mask?

Guests: Dr. Trinidad Solis, Public Health Physician, Fresno County Department of Public Health, Fresno, CA; Yurina Melara, Multiethnic Press Secretary, California Vaccination Task Force, CDPH, Los Angeles, CA.


PROGRAM # 9510 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. Mexicans in the US have sent historic amounts of remittances back home amid the hardships of the pandemic. An expert talks about efforts to transform remittances into productive investments in the emigres’ hometowns, including migrant bonds and microbanks in San Quintin and other rural communities. These and other news are discussed in this weekly edition.

Guests: Dr. Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, Director and Founder, UCLA North American Integration and Development Center, Los Angeles, CA (TBC); Others TBA.

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