Kiki Camarena: Murdered by the CIA? Also, Pedaling for Justice.


Twenty-eight years ago, the DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was tortured and killed in Mexico. After pressure from the U.S., Mexican authorities put drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero behind bars. Now, three former American agents say they have proof that C.I.A. agents witnessed Camarena’s torture and were involved in his death. They say the U.S. government ordered the execution of Camarena. We explore these new developments with two journalists who uncovered the story.

Guests: Jesús Esquivel, Washington correspondent, Proceso magazine, currently in Mexico City, ; Anabel Hernández, author, Narcoland, Mexico City.

Also, Pedaling for Justice. Two years ago, extortionists chopped off Carlos Gutierrez’s feet in a park, in front of his friends, for no longer paying a “security payment”. Today, Gutierrez, 35, uses prostheses for cycling almost 700 miles from El Paso to Austin, Texas. The goal is to raise awareness about the impunity of crime and corruption in Mexico.

Guest: Carlos Gutiérrez, Mexican in Exile, road to Austin, Texas,

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