Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Florida Governor Sued for Fraudulent Transportation of Immigrants - On behalf of three of nearly 50 Venezuelan immigrants, a group of civil rights attorneys and an immigrants’ rights organization sued Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other officials in federal court in Boston this week. They accuse them of tricking the immigrants into agreeing to travel by plane from a shelter in San Antonio, Texas, to other states where they were promised employment, housing and other opportunities, only to be abandoned on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.  More details with Ruben Tapia brings us the details.

Dreamers Prepared for Any Decision on the Future of DACA - With the future of the Dreamers still in limbo, a conservative court is expected to rule any day now on the DACA program, which was established by President Obama and has protected from deportation and granted work permits to more than 600,000 young people who were brought to the United States by their parents when they were minors. A ruling against the program could affect millions of families, the mid-term elections, and the Supreme Court. Activist Karen Fierro Ruiz spoke with Chelis López about what they expect from the ruling. This is an excerpt of the interview. You can listen to the full interview in the archives of Línea Abierta archives for Tuesday, September 20 at RadioBilingüe.org.

Call to Enforce Wildfire Smoke Protections in Washington State - Recent wildfires in central and western Washington State have exposed thousands of farm workers to dangerous toxic fumes. Although labor authorities have just mandated advanced protective measures, workers say some employers are not complying. Now, local activists are speaking out, while several wildfires continue to thin the air in parts of the  state. Johanna Bejarano reports from Richland, Washington.

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