Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Colorado Neighborhoods Tackle Climate Change with Solar Gardens – To reduce the risk of wildfires, the city of Boulder, Colorado, has built a solar garden for a mobile home park for low-income residents located near the forest. Meanwhile, the neighboring city of Denver is funding a pilot program of solar energy cooperatives in neighborhoods affected by pollution. Rossana Longo-Better reports from Boulder.

Children in Northern California Learn to Cope with ‘Toxic Stress’ from Wildfires – As California’s wildfires become more frequent and intense, many children are experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety. To address this, officials plan to offer mental health services in shelters during emergencies. Heidi de Marco, a reporter for Kaiser Health News, spoke with two teenage sisters who went through this dramatic experience and brings their story from Sonoma, a city north of San Francisco.

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