Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Candidates Campaign on Denying Validity of Last Presidential Elections - At least 250 Republican candidates have won the endorsement of former President Trump by disavowing Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory. Many of them aspire to be governors or secretaries of state in crucial states, such as Arizona, where they would be in charge of certifying elections. How are voters reacting to their denialist message? Jose Lopez Zamorano brings us the details from Washington.

Extreme Heat Wave has California on the Brink of Massive Blackouts  -California is suffering the most intense heat wave in its history, with temperatures exceeding 110 degrees in many cities around the state. In addition, as electricity consumption soared, the system was on the verge of blackouts. Although power outages were avoided, the state remains on high alert. In Los Angeles, Ruben Tapia spoke with heat-stressed residents and the city official in charge of navigating dangerous extreme heat waves.

The Colorado River is Drying Up. Do Latinos Have a Voice in the Cause to Save It? - The great Colorado River, the waterway that provides drinking water to seven western U.S. states, is drying up. Reservoirs are at their lowest levels in history. The governments of states in the river basin agree that a plan to reduce consumption is urgently needed. But with time running out and no agreement on the details, the federal government has intervened. Latinos have a lot at stake in these plans, since they make up half of the 40 million people who rely on water from the Colorado River. However, they are conspicuously absent at the decision-making table, reports Marco Vinicio Gonzalez. This report was sponsored by The Colorado Trust.

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