Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Republicans are Betting Large Sums on Latino Candidates – With ten weeks to go before the elections, the Republican Party is spending millions of dollars to promote the campaigns of more than 100 conservative Latino candidates who are critical of President Biden’s agenda. José López Zamorano brings us the details from Washington.

Hottest U.S. City Fights Temperatures with Cool Pavement – To mitigate “heat islands,” areas in cities that continue overheated after sundown due to asphalt and buildings, the mayor of Phoenix announced two urgent measures last summer: her government planted thousands of trees and repaved streets with so-called cool asphalt. Silvia Sanchez reports from Phoenix, the hottest city in the United States, with the results of these efforts.

California Governor Delays Signing Farm Unionization Bill – After walking more than 300 miles across California for 24 days, a group of farm workers was met with bittersweet news upon arriving in Sacramento. The state legislature has passed the bill championed by the caravan, which would give farm workers the option to vote by mail in union representation elections, but Governor Gavin Newsom warned that he is not ready to sign it. Esther Quintanilla, a reporter for KVPR public radio in Fresno, covered the long march and reports from Fresno, California, as part of the Central Valley News Collaborative.

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