Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Fear and Uncertainty in Florida Ahead of Harsh New Immigration Law – Florida’s Republican governor has enacted one of the most aggressive laws against undocumented immigrants in the state’s recent history. It is still more than a month away from taking effect but has already generated fear and uncertainty fueled by rumors on social networks and other media. While legal and human rights organizations are preparing to challenge it in the courts, they denounce it as an election campaign by Republican Ron DeSantis. Gerardo Guzmán brings us the details.

Former Mushroom Workers in Colorado Struggling and Staying Hopeful – Almost a year after Indigenous Guatemalan immigrants were left without jobs and lost part of their salaries when a major mushroom company went bankrupt, the workers are still facing an uphill battle to survive. Although they were not interested in forming a cooperative with the bankrupt company, they still have hope of regularizing their immigration status through the federal government’s new labor complaint policy. Yesenia Robles spoke with a woman who was affected, a former teacher in Guatemala, and brings us her story of resilience from Denver, Colorado.

Are Gas Stoves an Indoor Health Hazard? – Studies show that gas stoves generate toxins that can cause asthma, allergies, and other illnesses. Despite concerns and strong opposition from the natural gas industry, local governments in several states have banned or suggested not installing gas access in new building construction. The federal government is also taking alternative measures. Heidi de Marco, a housewife with health problems that she says are due to indoor pollution, tells her story from Bell Gardens, California.

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