Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

No Progress in Negotiations to Raise Debt Ceiling - Intense negotiations continue between lawmakers and the White House to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling. After the impasse of the first meeting at the White House, President Biden acknowledged that he is considering a 14th constitutional amendment to unilaterally prevent the country from defaulting on its debts. Although discussions are ongoing, time is running out for an agreement that experts could trigger an economic and financial catastrophe if not reached by June 1st. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Border Fortified and Asylum Rules Tightened ahead of Title 42 Deadline - The Biden administration has reacted to the end of Title 42 with a large military police operation and new administrative measures to process asylum seekers. In previous days they launched surveillance and deportation operations but at the same time they began to process immigrants who were already in El Paso. For their part, human rights organizations, critical of the militarization, demand humanitarian permits while the situation stabilizes. Kent Paterson visited the El Paso-Juarez border zone and gives us his report, voiced by Ruben Tapia.

Activist Mothers Share Experiences of Struggle and Commitment - During the week of Mother’s Day, activist moms are not resting. Instead, they continue to advocate to solve the multiple problems that affect our families. Three of them shared with us their experiences of struggle and commitment. You can listen to the full interviews in the in the archives of Linea Abierta for Wednesday, May 10 at radiobilingue.org.

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