Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Groups Revive Efforts to Get Congress to Advance Farm Bill - Organizations representing more than 200,000 farmers and ranchers, including thousands of Latinos, have revived efforts to get Congress to pass the Farm Bill by 2024. With bipartisan support, they seek to protect so-called “orphan programs” and pass a law to ensure transparency and accountability. In the coming weeks, they will step up efforts to win new votes in favor of the legislative package ahead of the electoral cycle. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Arizona Mexican Immigrant Pioneer Urges Greater Female Leadership - Ylenia Aguilar has many titles, but the one she likes to emphasize is that of a mother. She also made history as the first Latina to join an Arizona commission to discuss the Colorado River crisis. Previously, she was a school board leader, and she emigrated to the United States from Mexico as an undocumented child. Today, as a citizen who is proud of her indigenous roots, Ylenia believes that to address current social challenges, women must occupy a central place in public decision-making. Valeria Fernández spoke with her and brings us her story from Phoenix.

Easter Vacations Test Acapulco’s Recovery after Hurricane Otis - After the devastating impact of Hurricane Otis, which hit the coast of Guerrero, Mexico, and devastated the Port of Acapulco, the Holy Week vacations are being greeted as a breath of fresh air for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and merchants. This is especially the case for the local population because the local economy was affected by a lack of tourism. The arrival of vacationers will test the resilience of the Port of Acapulco, a city known as the “Pearl of the Pacific.” To encourage tourism, the authorities are implementing an operation that also protects U.S. citizens visiting Mexico during this season. Citlali Saenz has this report from Mexico.

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