Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Charges Against Trump for Jan. 6 Assault Pile Up - In dramatic testimony during two public hearings held this week by the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, state and local electoral officials revealed that former President Trump pressured and threatened them to agree to reverse Joe Biden’s presidential victory. This pressure was particularly intense in the states of Georgia and Arizona. Faced with a flood of new evidence, the committee paused and will resume its hearings in about two weeks. José López Zamorano brings us the details from Washington.

Oregon Boosts Protections Against Extreme Heat and Smoke - To prevent deaths caused by worsening heat waves, occupational health authorities in the state of Oregon have rushed to adopt new standards for workplace protections. The new standards, considered among the strictest in the country, seek to protect outdoor workers, including those in agriculture, forestry and construction, from the lethal effects of heat and smoke from wildfires. Now, authorities are faced with the challenge of enforcing these advanced measures. Rubén Tapia brings us this report.

Guatemalan Judge Who Prosecutes War Crimes in the Crosshairs - After more than two decades of prosecuting genocide cases in the Army and fighting corruption in Guatemala, Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez has been threatened and deprived of his judicial immunity. Human rights advocates see this as political revenge by influential leaders of the far right. They believe that, if he does not go into exile, Gálvez risks being arbitrarily detained. María Martin reports from Guatemala City, where she spoke with the judge and some of his supporters.

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