Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Uvalde Families Demand Action from Washington to Stop Gun Violence – In emotional testimony before Congress, grieving parents of children killed in the mass shooting in Uvalde, including a child survivor, called for urgent action to stop the rising deaths from assault weapons. Hours later, the House of Representatives passed a legislative package imposing gun control measures. The litmus test will come in the Senate, where there are not yet enough Republican votes to pass the measure. 

California and New Mexico Primaries Pave the Way in the Battle for Congress – California, New Mexico and five other states held primary elections this week. Some of these races will prove decisive in the battle for control of Congress this November

California Gives Meals and Information to Diabetics to Improve their Health – A pilot program was launched by officials in California this year that provides personalized meals aimed at improving the health of Latino communities suffering from diabetes and other chronic diseases. The plan, focused in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in the southern part of the state, includes nutrition education and other steps to reduce doctor visits. Heidi de Marco, a reporter for Kaiser Health News, provides this report on the groundbreaking program.

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