Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Latino Leaders Condemn Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric from Republican Primary Candidates - The race for the Republican presidential nomination is once again an anti-immigration competition. Front-runners Donald Trump and Ron De Santis are vying for the title of who will be the toughest in stopping the supposed threat they say is posed by thousands of migrant families coming to the US. Latino leaders and advocates condemn the rhetoric as dangerous. José López Zamorano joins us with the details from Washington.

Haitians in Tijuana Build Their Mexican Dream - Thousands of Haitian immigrants have decided to make a life in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, forming a community known locally as Little Haiti. The community comprises hurricane refugees who sought asylum in the United States but were turned away as immigration policies tightened. Despite initial hostility from some Tijuanans, Haitians have become integrated into the region’s labor, business, and social life. Marco Vinicio González spoke with two small businesspersons and brings us their story from Tijuana.

Historic Defeat for Mexico’s Former Ruling Party - In Mexico, the formerly hegemonic Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI in Spanish) lost its grip on power in the State of Mexico this week after having governed there for more than 90 years. Voters chose Delfina Gómez, a candidate from Mexico’s current ruling party at the federal level, who will become the first woman to lead the most populated state in the country and one of the engines of the national economy. In other state elections, PRI candidate Manuel Jiménez swept the governorship of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. What do these contrasting results mean? Citlali Saenz reports from Mexico City.

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