Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Uvalde Tragedy Puts Congressional Inaction in the Spotlight – The massacre of children and teachers at a school in Uvalde, Texas, put the debate over restrictions on the purchase of assault weapons back on the agenda in the nation’s Congress. Latino leaders and parents of the victims demanded that Congress move past gridlock and take urgent action to stop future massacres.

California Drought Forces Drastic Water Cuts – This week, California launched strict measures to deal with a severe drought that has worsened over the last three years. Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a drastic reduction in water consumption, urging the governments of the water districts to develop local measures. The challenge now is for consumers to understand the severity of the issue and cooperate in reducing consumption.

Mexicans Elect Six New Governors: What’s at Stake? – Elections will be held this weekend in six Mexican states. In four of those states, Mexicans living abroad will be able to vote, most of them from the United States. What is at stake in these usually run-of-the-mill gubernatorial elections?

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