Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Surprise Senate compromise on climate, health, and tax spending – After long negotiations, Senate leaders announced a plan to combat climate change by taxing the wealthiest and lowering drug prices. The agreement was immediately endorsed by President Biden but drew strong criticism from Republicans and business leaders. The plan is expected to be voted on next week through the budget reconciliation process. With details from Washington, D.C., José López Zamorano.

Biden issues executive orders on climate crisis, some call for more – As intense heat waves hit the country, President Biden announced executive actions to invest in disadvantaged communities to help them cope with extreme heat waves, mega wildfires, floods, and other extreme weather events. Climate activists hailed the president’s orders, although they expected Biden to declare a national climate emergency in the face of Senate obstructionism. This is what Antonieta Cadiz, from Climate Power 2020, points out in an interview with Samuel Orozco. You can listen to the full interview in the Línea Abierta archives on Wednesday, July 27 at www.radiobilingue.org.

Global monkeypox alert – should we be concerned? – At a time when the World Health Organization is declaring a high alert for monkeypox, cases of the disease are spreading rapidly throughout the United States. Medical authorities point out that this disease is similar to regular smallpox but less transmissible and less serious. How concerned should we be? What should we do to protect ourselves? Dr. Lorena Zuliani Alvarez, a medical virologist, talked to Chelis Lopez about this. Dr. Lorena Zuliani Álvarez, virologist, immunologist and academic researcher at the University of California in San Francisco talked with Chelis López. You can listen to the complete interview in the Línea Abierta archives on Thursday, July 28 at radiobilingue.org.

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