Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

In White House Meeting, Lopez Obrador Advocates Temporary Visas, Biden Urges Patience – Against the backdrop of the recent tragedy in San Antonio where 53 migrants died, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador visited the White House to meet with President Biden. In a lengthy speech,  Lopez Obrador proposed to Biden an ambitious plan to expand temporary work visas for Mexicans and Central Americans. In response, President Biden asked for patience and avoided committing to visa increases, and secured a commitment from his Mexican counterpart to invest in improved border controls. José López Zamorano brings us the details from Washington.

Leaders Denounce Texas Governor’s Plan to Detain More Migrants – Through an executive order, Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has authorized the National Guard and state police to detain and take suspected undocumented immigrants to border ports. Blaming the Biden administration for what he calls a crisis and ‘invasion’ at the border, the Abbott touted his actions as unprecedented. Democratic activists and lawmakers condemned the move, calling it a bid to gain re-election. U.S. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar denounced the policy at a press conference.

With More Heat Waves at the Border, More Migrant Deaths Expected – Climate change is making the U.S. southwest one of the fastest warming regions in the country. This has a pronounced effect on border communities. Environmental and human rights groups are sounding the alarm, warning that as heat waves increase along the border, tragedies like the recent deaths of 53 migrants in San Antonio will become more frequent as migrants try to cross the border in worsening heat. An alliance of environmentalists and human rights activists is appealing to the federal government to make emergency changes to border control policies in order to avoid such a disaster. Rubén Tapia has this report.

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