Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

California to Make History with Health Insurance for All, Including the Undocumented – California is poised to make history by extending health coverage to all low-income residents of the state, including the undocumented. The proposal is part of the new budget by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. The news was greeted with relief and hope by many immigrants, according to this report by Madi Bolaños, who spoke with a family in Fresno County. Bolaños is a reporter for KVPR public radio and part of the California Central Valley News Collaborative.

In Colorado, Designing a Map to Prepare for Future “Climate Wildfires” – Nearly a month after the Marshall Fire ravaged three suburban Denver towns, thousands of displaced people are facing uncertainty. To help prepare for future climate-driven wildfires, state officials and researchers are working quickly to develop a pioneering virtual environmental mapping project with the involvement of affected communities. Vladimir Flores reports from Boulder.

Guatemalan Paramilitaries Face Maximum Penalty for Abuse of Indigenous Mayans During Civil War – After four decades of litigation, a Guatemalan court has issued a 30-year prison sentence to five paramilitaries accused of sexually abusing and enslaving dozens of Indigenous women from the Achi Mayan community. The crimes occurred during the civil war in that Central American country. Although the verdict has encouraged the victims, analysts warn that there is still resistance to the advance of justice. María Martin, who was present during the sentencing session, brings us this report from Guatemala City.

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