Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Protests Over Latino Activist’s Death at the Hands of Atlanta Police - The police killing of a young activist who was protesting the construction of a huge police training center in Atlanta has sparked violent demonstrations in the city. Authorities claim that the slain environmental activist, Manuel Esteban Paez, a Venezuelan immigrant, fired a gun as police were clearing out the camp where they were protesting. His fellow activists are demanding an independent investigation. Gerardo Guzman joins us with the details from Atlanta.

With Violence on the Rise, How do Latino Families View the Issue of Carrying Guns? - Gun deaths are on the rise in the country and Latinos are suffering some of the worst consequences. Although California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, residents continue to be rocked by mass shootings. A recent survey shows that while immigrants are concerned about gun violence, few express a desire to buy guns while others see gun ownership as an option to protect their families. Heidi de Marco of Kaiser Health News reports on the debate from Los Angeles.

Guatemalan Electoral Process Begins Amid Threats to Voter Rights - Guatemala is beginning an electoral process amid doubts about the independence and credibility of the electoral authority in this impoverished Central American country. Campaigning will go on for five months as dozens of political parties, mainly conservative, compete for the presidency, seats in congress, and numerous local posts. Top campaign issues include insecurity, unemployment, corruption, and voting abroad. María Martin reports from Guatemala.

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